John Jr's Eulogy

As I look around, I’m struck by what a diverse family we have…an extremely wide range of views…socially, culturally, politically. But we do have one commonality, one thing that binds us, and that was Dot.

Dot was our anchor, the calm in the storm … for some of us, a co-conspirator, someone we could talk to about anything, and she wouldn’t judge, and she was never shocked. With Dot, you always got the sense that it was, “been there, done that.”

My lasting memory- Dot on the treadmill at 82, never complaining, doing whatever the physical therapist told her.

Dot was strong, and tougher than I’ll ever be. And hopefully, as we struggle with our day-to-day lives, we can remember how brave Dot was, and we can use that to keep us going.

But what I’m most thankful for, is that Dot never had to sit out there, and say goodbye to one of us. She cared a great deal about all of us, and that is something that we can all be thankful for, and we should never forget.

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