Remembering a Life

On Super Bowl Sunday I returned home in the evening and there was a message from Alicia. I guess she had called during half time when the Stones were playing. Her message said simply, “No wonder he can’t get any satisfaction, he’s 60 years old!”

I thought that was a fitting last message from Alicia.

Alicia and I, along with her sister Jodi and my brother Jeff, grew up together. Alicia’s father, my Uncle Butch, and my Mom, Alicia’s Aunt Nancy, were close growing up, and consequently so were their children.

Uncle Butch, I remember when you used to take us all to Hershey Park, and also playing board games. For those of you who ever came over to play UpWords at Alicia’s; at 5 playing Chutes and Ladders she was just as competitive.

As kids we also used to go to the Jersey shore together, which is where the infamous “Hotdog Incident” occurred. As a child Alicia ate almost nothing besides hotdogs, and she liked them plain. We were at a restaurant and Alicia was served a hot dog covered in relish, onions, and mustard. If you knew Alicia, you know she didn’t just say, “Oh that’s OK, I’ll just wipe it off.” I think people back in Harrisburg could hear her reaction.

Although she was 3 years younger than me, she was the leader. She was tough, fearless, yet compassionate. She once took pity on me and set me up with one of her friends.

And as she grew up I could see these traits as she became a wife, mother, and teacher. She was a great role model.

Jordan, Jonah, and Tessa, I can see Alicia in each of you, with your intelligence, strength, and independence.

And it won’t be easy. What your Pa, Aunt Nancy, and their siblings went through 3 years ago when your grandmother died, you’ll have to go through now. But look around. You won’t be alone. We will all be there for you.

It will be difficult, but you are Alicia and Jerry’s kids. The world doesn’t stand a chance.

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